2021 JIAF

제주건축 문화의 가치 재발견

Opening speech

Distinguished guests, Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening.

I am Goo Man-sup, Acting Governor of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province.
With my sincere heart, I'd like to welcome all of you who are participating in the 3rd Jeju International Architecture Forum.
Since its first forum in 2016, the Jeju International Architecture Forum has been a venue to share about the various issues that global cities experience and seek measures to address them while reviewing the values and directions of Jeju's architectural culture

As we had to wait for one more year to host the 3rd event due to the spread of COVID-19, I hope you will have a much more fruitful and meaningful time at this year's forum.
Please allow me to extend my gratitude to
Mr. Chatpong Chuenrudeemol from Thailand,
Mr. Tsukamoto Yoshiharu from Japan,
Mr. Yang Zhao from China,
Mr. Davide Macullor from Switzerland,
Mr. Joo Dae Khan from South Korea,
and all the international experts and esteemed guests For their contribution to the forum.

The theme of this year's forum Is 'New Is Normal'.
It's been almost 2 years since this unprecedented crisis of COVID-19 broke out.
Vaccines may help end the pandemic situations, Although our daily lives in the post COVID-19 era will be completely different from the past.
Architecture is like a mirror that reflects the social affairs, technologies, spirit, culture and environment our time.
In the era of the pandemic, we expect to witness more changes while also going through a lot of changes in architecture.

In the course of creating a 'heterotopia (utopia that becomes the reality)' where all are happy and safe after the time of COVID-19, the importance and values of architecture will further grow.
I urge all of you in architecture to engage in enthusiastic participation in the forum where we all find solutions to solve the pending issues that global cities, including Jeju, face and establish a sustainable urban ecosystem.
I hope this forum will be an opportunity to put our heads together to suggest new visions for architecture and offer more elements of architectural culture to Jeju locals amid the enormous wave of changes called the 'new normal'

Thank you.


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