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What is JIAF?
  • Established forum inviting domestic and foreign subject matter experts and architecture related personnel to review and refine the values and way ahead for Jeju's architecture culture from outside perspective
  • Discuss and share the common agenda faced by global architecture and urban environment, and Jeju to overcome local limits and will provide an opportunity for Jeju's architecture to take a new leap forward.
Event Overview
THEMECity and Tourism: Post Tourism for Sustainability
Event title Jeju International Architecture Forum 2018
Date Nov 29th (Thu) - Dec 1st (Sat) 2018 / 3 days (Main event : Nov 30th 09:00 - 18:00)
Venue Cheju Halla University Halla Convention CenterView Location
Participants Approx. 700 (architects, architecture organizations, related universities, Jeju residents)
Program Opening & Closing ceremonies, Official Dinners, Sessions, Seminar, Discussion, Field Trip
  • Jeju Self-governing Province
  • KIRA Jeju Chapter
Organizing Committee
Position Name Affiliation
President Won Hee-Ryong Jeju Special Self-governing Province Governor
Vice-President Kim Sang-Un KIRA JEJU A Chapter of Korea Institute of Registered Architects President
Nah Kyoung-Hwan Korean Institute of Architects, Jeju Branch Office President
Yang Su-Hyun Architectural Institute of Korea Jeju Branch Office President
Committee Member Shin Chun-kyu CGS Architecture firm(Seoul)
Han Eun Joo Soft Architecture lab(Seoul)
Yang Gun GAU Architecture firm
Kim Moon Soo Architecture firm Hanil
Hyun Hye Kyung Architecture fiim The Hyun
Jung Jin Ho Architecture firm Dae-shin
Hyun Gun Chul TOPEC Architecture firm
Lee Yong Kyu Jeju National University Architecture professor
Hong Gwang Taek Architecture firm Hong
Boo Hee Chul B&K Architecture firm