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Welcome Message
Welcome to the 2nd Jeju International Architecture Forum.
I still vividly remember the enthusiasm surrounding the 1st forum in 2016, but here we are now at the 2nd forum after two years.
Under the theme ‘Acculturation: Architecture on Sea Silk Road’, we discussed the identity of Jeju architecture within the marine culture created by Kuroshio Current at the 1st forum.
At the 1st forum, Jeju hosted world-renowned architects including winners of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, basically the Nobel Prize in architecture, such as Toyo Ito (Japan) and Thom Mayne (US), as well as Cui Gai (China) and Moon-gyu Choi (South Korea), who shared their wisdom and experience. Words can’t describe what a meaningful and priceless time we had.

The theme of the 2nd Jeju International Architecture Forum is ‘City and Tourism: Post Tourism for Sustainability’.
Jeju has been experiencing glorious growth in quantity, while its current system has been threatened as it has seen a growing population and number of tourists on the island.

This is one of the side effects of ‘overtourism’, which some of world’s famous tourist destinations are experiencing.
Amid the current phenomena of destruction of the local identity and degradation of quality-of-life for locals, Jeju is seeking a way towards becoming a sustainable city while keeping ‘Jeju’s own color’.
At this year’s forum, I would like to see participants share mutual issues and current problems that Jeju and other global tourist cities are facing and find answers for such problems in the course of seeking the ways to develop and promote architectural culture of Jeju.
This year also, we are hosting the world’s most capable architects and civil engineering experts to the island of Jeju.

This forum will become a great opportunity for us to find out the possibility of Jeju island becoming a new center of architecture, overcoming the island’s geographical limits.
We hope more participants would come and join the Jeju International Architecture Forum.

Thank you.

Hee-ryong Won,
Chairman of JIAF Organizing Committee