Jeju International Architecture Forum 2018

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Session / Speakers

November 30th (Fri) 2018, 10:30 – 11:00

Korea, Republic ofKIM Yu-jeong
  • Head of Jeju Cultural
  • Research Institute
  • Art critic
  • Writer
Session Title
Sublime and Initiated, Prosperous and Beneficial for the Old but New
Session Summary With all this effort while establishing an earth-centered paradigm for what we want to create for the future, we are able to revive Jeju as an attractive destination and a high-end island. When we realize the harmony among something old that is already merged with a spiritual climate and is something new and lively, I firmly believe that we should be able to dream of an 'old but new' Jeju that is 'Yuan Heng Li Zhen', or 'sublime and initiative, prosperous and beneficial'.