Jeju International Architecture Forum 2018

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Session / Speakers

November 30th (Fri) 2018, 14:30-15:30

ChinaLiu Jiakun
  • China Architecture Art Award
  • The 7th Asian Construction Association Honor Award in 2003
  • 2006 China Record Awards (Best Public Building Award)
  • 2007 Far East Architecture Award
  • 2010 China Record Awards (Best Historical Building Award, Best Public Building Award)
  • 2016 Venice architecture biennale Chinese representative
Session Title
The Soul of the Place
Session Summary In today's globalization, the regional characteristic of a local area is gradually diluting. The original context is lost. Similar fast-food tourism cannot provide the world with more quality of sharing. How to explore the uniqueness of local resources, absorb the new cultural nutrition for local growth and construct the proper cultural landscape is an essential method to form a sustainable and deeper regional landscape. Architecture, as a component of regional landscape, is significant.
For the presentation, Mr. Liu Jiakun will illustrate his key works in design with his major architectural works.