Jeju International Architecture Forum 2018

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Session / Speakers

November 30th (Fri) 2018, 16:00-17:00

JapanHiroshi Sambuichi
  • Architectural Institute of Japan Prize in 2017
  • Architectural Institute of Japan Prize in 2011
  • The 4th Japan Architecture Awards 2011
  • part-time lecturer at Yamaguchi University
  • special lecturer at the Royal Academy of Arts in Denmark
Session Title
KAZE·MIZU·TAIYO(air - water and sun)
Session Summary The earth is filled with moving objects, such as water, air and the sun.
The speed of their movements varies according to geographical features, and the objects are closely related to living beings.
Unique ecosystems are created in each place, structured by the moving objects.
Creatures having more suitable shapes and characteristics in each area can survive longer. Likewise, if we want to build structures that can be part of the earth – Detail of the Earth – for a long time, it is ideal to make the buildings in the forms fitting the moving objects in the areas.