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November 5, Friday, 2021 13:00 ~ 18:00
Jeju Museum of Art

Jeju International Architecture Forum

The Jeju International Architecture Forum started in 2016 in order to
suggest future directions for Jeju Architecture while re-exploring
the values of Jeju's culture.

The image of 'new' gives us the feeling of being 'fresh,' which makes us excited.
However, 'new' also implies 'inexperienced,' which can make us confused.
COVID-19 occurred suddenly, which has made us feel afraid of something
we haven't yet experienced. You can't even imagine going out without a face mask.

Fear from the pandemic has changed a lot of 'normal' things around us, which we were familiar with.
This 'normal' is strange and uncomfortable for not only us but also for architectural spaces
where people meet others during their daily lives.
There have become more daily spaces that don't necessarily need to exist, which requires change.
In architecture, it is now the era of a 'new normal.'

Organizing Committee, Jeju International Architecture Forum


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