2021 JIAF

제주건축 문화의 가치 재발견

Topic sentence

  •  Subject.01  

    ‘New Normal’ of Architecture

  • While the ‘Freshness’ of ‘New’ always excites us, the other side of it, ‘unexperienced’, make us feel confused. The COVID-19 pandemic arrived suddenly and caused fear amongst people as they experienced a new reality. The fear emanating from the pandemic has altered the many ‘normal’ scenes that we have accustomed to. The architectural spaces where people meet and share their daily lives with each other find such ‘normal’ abnormal and uncomfortable. As a result, everyday spaces have asked changes. Architecture is facing the era of the ‘New Normal.’

  •  Subject.02  

    Jeju, Island, Heterotopia

  • There is an ancient Greek word ‘Heteros’, meaning “other, another, or different.” Michel Foucault coined the word of ‘Heterotobic’ by adding the ‘topos’ of ‘place’ to heteros, which describes a realistic utopian space different from everyday life. Jeju once again attained 1 million-monthly-visitor milestone as of May 2021. The current visitors are equivalent to the pre-pandemic levels. If places considered ordinary before the pandemic were utopia, Jeju may be heteropia. However, as mundane places of islanders become heterotopia for others, boundaries become blurry and raises the number of confirmed cases. It is the ordinary Jeju of today, where excitements for some translate into fears for others.

  •  Subject.03  

    Discourse at the 2021
    Jeju International Architecture Forum

  • The crisis continues even though a region or a nation builds immunity. The only escape from the pandemic is to form ‘herd immunity’ through global cooperation and trust. Until then, architecture should offer a space for coexistence while maintaining social distance so as not to betray each other’s confidence. It must go beyond the boundaries of individuals, communities, nations, and peoples. The Jeju International Architecture Forum was created to gain insight by discussing and sharing common issues not only for Jeju but for cities around the world.

    What kinds of changes are the global urban spaces seeking in the transition of the new normal? Can “Everyday Jeju” coexist with “Heterotopic Jeju?” How will architecture in which people around the world cooperate be realized? The earth has continued to suffer from ongoing crisis such as global warning and outbreaks of new disease. Tomorrow that we will greet may still possess “ordinariness that has never been experienced before.” Overcoming fears can be good reason to pursue new challenges. Therefore, I look forward to listening the insights and knowledge regarding these issues at the 2021 Jeju International Architecture Forum.


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